Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner

Or perhaps, guess who I'm going to dinner with....Steve's ex (the decent one, for those of you who've listened to me whinge). Did I already mention he's not invited (see previous post)? I can't say I'm looking forward to it, although she sounds very nice on the phone. It's a must do, I think, as since they speak weekly, she's not going anywhere....and neither am I. Strangely, it seems I'm getting big bonus points (among ooohs and ahhhs and OH MY GOD NOs) from other women on this one. It seems I am brave and mature, and that this is the way to 1) see what is really going on and 2) let her know not to mess with me (not that I think she will). I figure it's just a way to get it over with!

Modified to add: Turns out she's a real sweetheart; not that I expected otherwise, but I've never liked (surprise surprise) that they are friends. So, she's no longer banned from the house and who knows, I may hang out with her again;)


Danie said...

I can hardly wait for the post-dinner blogging to begin!

steveg said...

It strikes me that you will both get on fine - men are fairly simple creatures. When it comes to partners, we tend to pick pretty much the same girl over again, with certain changes and refinements of course...


I reckon that once the ice is broken the majority of your time will be taken up talking about Steve and his habits and ways (and likely taking the mickey about it too)

Hope it all goes well for you Susan


Suzer said...

Lol yeah Danie, I can't wait for the dinner to be over as well. And Steve I agree about how the evening will go, but not that steve tends to pick the same type of girls. Like me, he seems to have a varied taste...or so I think. But of course, if we are similar, I am quite sure I would the more refined, ahem---improvement, shall we say.