Friday, 23 January 2009


If you're from Chicago, you are familiar with the practice of dibs in regards to winter parking. It's a long-standing tradition, and simply common courtesy. After spending up to an hour digging your car out of it's space, that space if yours. According to this article, the city is cracking down. Well I say shame on the city! I've never in all my years living in Chicago come across anyone who had a problem with 'dibs'. Alderman Richard Mell should be removed from office for suggesting that an alternative to dibs should be....'a shovelling party'. A shoveling party! Does Mr. Mell live in Chicago? Has he got a brain? Have a look at the link; he even looks like a moron. Streets & Sanitation spokesman Matt Smith agrees, saying 'The best way around all of this is to be good neighbors'. What a load of crap!

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The Unbearable Banishment said...

I lived in New York City for about 20 years and I could be wrong but I don’t believe there’s a “dibs” courtesy within the city limits. They’re more cannibalistic. And you’re right about the photo. He looks like Father Fornicator.