Friday, 16 January 2009

Things to do, Part 4

New To Do:
Haven't Gotten Around to Yet:
  • See the movie 'You The Living' (must see on DVD now)
  • Tandanya and Taste of Jamaica
  • A yoga class (I know, very bad me, but I am almost definitely going next week) Done
  • Hrm, I need to find Part 2 and am afraid I may have accidentally deleted it, although I know Cooper's Brewery was on the list


drpack said...

Hi Suzer ... I recently moved back to Oregon after spending 25+ years in South Australia ... the last 16 in Adelaide. I was looking at your food wish list ... I think I saw most of those items at Coles at Bridgewater ... Miss the place terribly!
My best advice is stop looking for things American and fully absorb what the Aussies have to offer!
My blog is bendoregondailyphoto.blogspot

Suzer said...

Dennis thanks for stopping by. While I understand your advice I'd have to disagree. I love what Australia has to offer but there are still some things from home I'll always be keen to have in my, some cultural values, friends and family etc. It's important to be open to new things, but not to forget the old.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzer,

I am American and possibly moving to Adelaide soon. Would you be open to answering some questions about the area for my wife and I?