Wednesday, 4 October 2006

How did this country rule the world?

I have no idea how England managed to have an empire at one point in history, given how inefficient things are run here, overall. I have just, after a month, gotten a long term temp assignment to last me through Christmas. This isn't too unusual, but the way in which things have gone with the temp agencies has been a bit mind-boggling. They tend to call me with a job description to see if I am interested, then if I am, put my CV forward to the company. If the company is interested, they will want to interview me, even sometimes for positions lasting only two weeks! Whether they want to interview or not, companies take up to a week to decide who they want for the positon(s). It's a horribly inefficient way of doing things. Thankfully, after registering with eight different agencies, I found one that works well and they found me something...working for an organisation which handles NHS problems. NHS is the socialised healthcare system here, by the way. Now, the problems I mention include surgeries in which the wrong leg or breast is cut off. Need I say more?


Muddiah said...

Well, hate to be sticking up for the Brits, but the same problems occur in the states as far as surgeons cutting the wrong limb, etc. off. I've heard horror stories in that area. As for inefficiency in other areas, don't know how they compare.

BTW, happy to hear about the long term job!

Chelsea said...

Oh my god, don't get me started on British inefficiency. I hope you aren't working on an emergency tax code because if you ever try to get your money back from inland revenue, it could take (It takes AT LEAST 6 weeks for them just to open your letter. We've been waiting 6 months..and we're still waiting). Seems like anytime you want anything done, anywhere in Britain, you have to write a letter. I thought we were past this?

Suzer said...

yikes well i don't think i am on an emergency tax code. i'm certainly not feeling gouged, as far as tax on my wages goes, but i will certainly hope to be getting something back. i hate paying national insurance, as i doubt i'll get any of that back, and i don't feel like i'm getting much for it, as far as the nhs goes, but perhaps i shouldn't start on that;)