Tuesday, 24 October 2006

What's on the shelf

I haven't read anything good for a long while, so decided to pick up a few books, to learn about Australia and expat experiences in general. Here's what I'm reading:

Could also do with some recommendations, so if anyone has any... I'm also considering taking on a project---gathering short essays from expats to Australia and editing a book. Not sure it is something I could get published, although I have seen and read similar things for other countries. I'm still working on the criteria for submissions and I have to figure out how to even start going about getting something published. It would most likely be a couple of years before it would be finished, partially due to the fact that I need some time in Australia myself before I can do this credibly!


Windsong1018 said...

Rabbit Proof Fence - haven't read the book by saw the movie! I got a Stephen King and John Grisham book for my birthday...they haven't arrived yet. I bet you'd write a terrific book! Go for it!

Suzer said...

I did see it had been made into a movie, although I'd never heard of it.

Thanks! Perhaps my English degree won't go to waste after all:)

Muddiah said...

Your idea about the book sounds like a great one! I know you could do a terrific job, and it's something to wrap your head around while working at whatever you have to to make some money. Go Susan!!!