Thursday, 12 October 2006


I've seen five movies in about the last month; a new record for me.
  • Volver (New film by Pedro Almodovar. Not as fantastic as Talk to Her, but a definite thumbs up.)
  • Clerks II (Exceptionally crude at times, but hysterical. I'm not sure the Brits in the cinema quite appreciated the humour, but I was roaring.)
  • Children of Men (Not out in the States yet. For some reason, this dismal and uneventful film is coming out on xmas day. Two words: don't bother.)
  • The Notorious Bettie Page (Interesting, but it would have to be of interest to you ahead of time.)
  • The Queen (Eh, so-so. Kind of like a tabloid paper turned into a film.)

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