Friday, 22 December 2006

Happy Solstice

Once again, it's the shortest day of the year. I vaguely remember posting on this last year, although not sure, as that was also the day I flew out to Ireland for my xmas holiday. Two days later, I met my beautiful boyfriend, who I am soon to celebrate one year with. We had a total of 16 dates (most of which were longer than one day as we did weekends and trips) before I moved in with him. The first and second were in Ireland, the 5th in Amsterdam, the 8th in Paris and the 9th in Prague. A charmed first 8 months, and although we were together 24/7 after only seeing each other for brief periods every 2-3 weeks, I think we've done pretty damn good...and are lucky to be planning ahead strongly...3 moves in the next 7 months. Poor boy is over-stressed at the moment over all there is to do before we make our next move, to Chicago, in about 9 days, and as usual, I am what others would consider to be ahead of schedule---big pile of things to ship to Australia on the lounge, and one suitcase almost packed, while everything unnecessary has been binned or given away. I'm so excited with all that's going on I can barely sleep properly. Tomorrow is my last day at work and there are only 3 full days left until Christmas!


banita said...

wow! I moved to England following our 10th date ~ I've written about it on my blog, but now I realize it's a locked entry, visible only to those on LJ.

Safe travels and happy happy holidays!! I leave for the holidays in the UK on Sunday. :-)))

Suzer said...

Yeah, I can't get onto your blog at all anymore, even by clicking your name here.

Enjoy your holidays this side of the pond:)

banita said...

does that work???

Lovely holidays - on that side of the pond!

How were yours???

Suzer said...

that does work, thanks.

holidays were good---both sides of the pond;) will have to email you so we can catch up while i'm here.