Sunday, 10 December 2006

Our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Got this last week at the local Homebase. Not easy to get a real tree here; this one was $20 and came in a planter, and it's only about 2 foot tall. The ornaments are edible;)


Muddiah said...


Anonymous said...

Why is a Christmas tree better than a man?

1. A Christmas tree is always erect.

2. Even small ones give satisfaction.

3. A Christmas tree stays up for 12 days and nights.

4. It looks good - even with the lights on.

5. A Christmas tree is always happy with its size.

6. A Christmas tree has cute balls.

7. You can throw a Christmas tree out when it's past its sell-by date.

8. You don't have to put up with a Christmas tree all year.

Hehe - Lu ;-)

Suzer said...

Aha! Back up for my assertion that size does matter;)