Friday, 14 November 2008

Central Market

I decided to do my fruit & veg shopping at Central Market today since I was down to visit Ayers House and have lunch at Malacca Corner with a friend. When I was beginning my shop, I decided to see if I could buy everything on my list off the bargain tables. (Jen at Opinioneater got me thinking with this post about ugly fruit.) Quite often, each stall has a section with bags or items for $1-2. I ended up spending about $7 and the only items on the below list I didn't get off the bargain table were the bananas and broccoli, the latter of which I couldn't pass up as it was $1.99/kg and was $4.99/kg last week at our fruit & veg shop near home (and $6.99/kg the week before that!)

1 bag of 5 apples
1 bag of 3 lemons + 2 apples
1 bag of dates
(All 3 bags above for $2)
1 bag of 4 gigantic pears, a type of which I don't know the name but look like an apple but taste like a pear ($1)
1 bag of 3 small sweet potatoes ($1)
1 head of broccoli (70 cents)
3 bananas ($2.20)

Grand total: $6.90

My usual veg shop for the week costs $10-13!! I typically buy more veg than fruit but these items were a steal and we still have some corn, potatoes and green beans from last week's shop.


Debbie said...

Hi Suzer! Thanks for stopping by Blog Around the World. Just wanted to let you know that you are all linked up and ready to go. Check in daily to see where in the world we are headed next!

ella said...

Hey look! I found you on BAtW and you just got linked up. Cool!
I'm living in CA, but spend a year in NSW in '95. I always thought Aussie produce could rival CA any day. You blog brought back many memories of our time there---just the photos from the garden, it's like I can smell that summer smell. I'll add you and check back for my OZ fix!