Wednesday, 31 December 2008

A Christmas Story and Snow Globes

Is that gorgeous or what? Too bad they won't ship to Australia. I love snow globes; have a collection started that includes only 4 so far but this one is a must have. If you're a fan of the very best Christmas movie ever made, A Christmas Story, this article titled Cinematical Seven: Ways to Watch 'A Christmas Story' is a must read. I can no longer benefit from number 1, and 7 occured two years ago, so I now stick to number 3 (this year it was on Boxing Day with the hubs and a cheese and pate platter).


Adena said...

Gaaah - I'm not sure I've ever watched this film! This is clearly a travesty. It's all Sound of Music and White Christmas in the UK. I'm obviously missing a trick here. Have you really done the 24 hour marathon?!

Suzer said...

You deprived child you. I have watched the marathon, but mostly in the background after seeing it once. I must have A Christmas Story party next year!