Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Happy New Year

I found this on another blog and I'm not sure where, although I suspect it may have been Expat Women. (If you are an expat and haven't yet discovered Expat Women, regardless of your gender, it is well worth some investigation.) Anyway, I thought the below was worthy of a New Year's post. They all seem like difficult questions for me, to be honest, but here goes.

(1) What brings you and yours pleasure?

Someone I feel this is very close to question number three, although perhaps pleasure is more superficial than meaning hey?

(2) What are your inner gifts?
These seem to be constantly changing these days. I so feel that becoming an expat has made me a better person and helped me to be able to look outside of myself and develop more of a concern for others. At the moment, and at the risk of being immodest, I would say my gift of late is in bringing people together and helping others to feel more settled here in Adelaide. I'm also really chuffed with something someone else said about me on another blog. Alaskan Dave has this to say about my blog:

"How did #5's blog change your life?
I think that
Suzer's blog has inspired me to get a bit more connected with folks around the world. As there is a great many cool people out there and it's nice to get to know a few of them."

How nice is that? I'm glad my ramblings inspired someone---really great:)

(3) What gives your life meaning?
At the risk of sounding cheesy, my marriage, as well as my connections with others, are what give my life meaning. That and travel (although I don't seem to be getting much of that in lately).
All of that being said, a Happy New Year to all, although I don't put much stock in this holiday. Steve and I will be going out to a couple of parties tomorrow night, and it will be nice to catch up with some people. Will be my 1st time being a designated driver in Adelaide, on the one night of the year I prefer not to be out on the road!

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Muddiah said...

It's not at all 'immodest' to honestly appreciate your gifts and talents. I think it's a healthy sign to do so! From the comments I've read on Facebook, I think many appreciate and enjoy your efforts to bring people together.