Saturday, 6 December 2008

Fixing the Porch

Gotta love having handy men around! Phase 1 of the porch project has begun. This is one instance where the hubs actually asked for his photo to be taken;) Today the roof, railings, and tiles came off. It's now 4pm, they began at 9am, and I would bet they have another 2 hours or so left. Now we just have to do some concrete work, put down waterproofing and new tiles, repaint the railings and re-attach.


Muddiah said...

Looks like they accomplished a mountain of hard work, and still tons to do. Yep, it must be nice to have a few strong men about! :))
You can probably help out with the railing.

Muddiah said...

These guys should be wearing masks to cut the dust inhaled!

Suzer said...

I can help with the railing?! It's got to be shipped out for fixing...besides, you've seen the railing...that's not girls work, not even the lifting! And yes, the dust was something else.

Muddiah said...

Didn't realize you were sending it away to be fixed. Thought it was a do-it-yourself project and you'd be able to help with the painting :)

steveg said...

You're a hard taskmaster Susan - you said they had been at it from 9am to 4pm and you still expect them to work another 2 hours!!

Slave labour I say! :-)

seriously though - it's looking good - I am glad that all the building work is now behind us here!

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