Wednesday, 24 October 2007

The difference between the US & Australian Consulates

US Consulate:
Wait in lobby of building until 8am
At 8am, make mad dash to lift as all others waiting, even those who arrived after you, will be rushing ahead of you (tip: last one in, first one out!)
Get in line for security on 3rd floor (see above re: mad dashes)
Take out mobile phone and any electronic devices before putting bag through xray machine, and hand to guard to keep while you are inside.
Put bag through xray.
Walk through metal detection machine.
Proceed inside.

Australian Consulate:
Go upstairs anytime (they open at 9am) and get a number.
Go back downstairs until 9am and have a coffee.
Go back upstairs, wait til you are called...and take care of yr business.


Muddiah said...

They probably have a much lower incidence of high blood pressure in Australia. :)

Suzer said...

Their mellow-ness is going to give ME high blood pressure;)

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

After 7 years of the laid-back aussie attitude, I could definitely NOT move to a US big city.

Suzer said...

Well, I hope I get used to it. Right now, I just feel when I'm there like the uptight American outsider:/

Tors said...

Hey Suz! If it makes you feel any better, Sydney's Consulate is a bit more streamlined. No mad dashes for the lift or long lines. On the other hand, there are 2 security checks and they make you leave everything except your paperwork (and wallet!) outside in the security area.