Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Fast Americans

No, I'm not talking about that girl you went to high school with;) I'm having to do a list of every trip abroad I've taken in the past 10 years, for my visa application, and what strikes me most is how short some of these vacations were. Five days in Mexico in 1999, another five in France, three in Canada, and so on. I wouldn't even think of going somewhere for such a short time anymore as a matter of course, but then again, sometimes as an American, on American vacation time, one has little choice. It was an absolute luxury to spend an entire two weeks on the beach in Rarotonga for our honeymoon, and to think once we move to Australia, we'll be able to take vacations of that length without any eyebrows raised from employers, is...awesome!


Anonymous said...

This is one perk I am absolutely looking forward to, particularly as a parent. Oh, btw, congrats on getting your visa app out this week! :-)

Suzer said...