Friday, 26 October 2007

Why I love my husband

We're trying to get out and about and see more of Auckland, so last weekend we went to the Auckland Museum. I had read beforehand that the $5 admission was a 'suggested donation' but wasn't sure I had the guts to say I wasn't paying. Am now used to English museums being free, and the ones in Australia also seemed to be, so I didn't reall want to spend the $5. Anyhoo, when we got to the entrance, Steve just started to breeze through and the cashier stopped him and asked if we had tickets. He just said: "It's only a suggested donation." so she gave us two tickets which said $0 on them and off we went. Fab museum by the way, surrounded by a huge park and some gardens, and connected to the War Museum, so could be a whole day out....for free!!

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