Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Boobs on the beach

Yesterday Steve and I spent the day on Waiheke Island, as it was a bank holiday here (Auckland Anniversary Day). Went on the ferry (pics later) then hiked around the island to a couple of vineyards, the main 'city' and the beach. I had forgotten that in some places it is (?? legal) commonplace to see a few (*cough* skanks) topless women laying about. Seriously shocking to the sensibilities, to be quite honest, when you're not used to that. I wouldn't mind most likely, if it was just me walking along the beach;) I'd probably be thinking "yeah more power to ya ladies...the men have their tops off so why shouldn't we" but somehow when one's young impressionable...er, husband is getting an eyefull, I develop teurette's (*see above*).

I think what upsets me most about moving overseas is that I feel at times I am expected to adopt new values just because. I don't mind accepting the fact that people have different values, but NOTHING makes me fiestier than all of a sudden being expected to accept that tits on the beach, flip flops being called thongs, and ketchup on hotdogs are the norm! To each his own, and empathy for all, as always, but agreeing to disagree and different does not always equal better has to be the rule imo.


RenaeGreenBay said...


Love your blog! I chatted with you a couple of years ago when my fiance and I were engaged and thinking about a trip to Italy. We never made it but we did go to Costa Rica and the Panama Canal. Absolutely fascinating. We are heading to Ireland next week, and will be there (mostly the southern region) for about 7 days. If I can find the Oil of Olay or Origins for you I'll let you know. Be well! Renae from Green Bay (Wisconsin)

Suzer said...

Aw thanks Renae. Enjoy your trip. I'm so jealous as Ireland is my favourite destination:) Would love to see pics. Costa Rica and Panama Canal sound fastastic too.


Muddiah said...

Thought I was going to get a pic of boobs on the beach. lol :-)

Suzer said...

Well since Steve was the one with the camera, I don't think I would have suggested that one...

Merike said...

What a beautiful place to live:-))

steveg said...


I don't blame Steve one tiny bit for looking - he is a man after all! let's be honest now, you look at attractive men's bums (ass, or whatever you choose to call it) when they are on the beach in their speedo's or whatever don't you? ('course you do...) :-)

Besides, I tend to follow the old rule "Though you may pluck the sweetest rose in all the garden, it doesn't mean you can't appreciate all the rest" (Got me out of trouble before today that has!) :-)

Sorry Susan, but, speaking as a man - this IS one thing you'll have to learn to live with - if it's on display, it *Will* be looked at! :-)

The same is true when looking through a men's "top shelf" magazine - men look at the pictures of course they do, but we do not compare them to the real woman we have at home, one is real and the other is a picture only - men really are aware of the difference, it's only women who think we are comparing them with the airbrushed dollies on display - we're not!

Say hi to Steve for me

Take care lass

Steve (T'other one)

Suzer said...

Oh I know Steve. Totally aware I'm being over-sensitive. Unlike other men, my Steve is very open about who and what he is looking at. Sometimes I think I would prefer not knowing that he is looking, or that he would just be more discrete about it....like I am, when I check out some boo-tay;)