Thursday, 17 January 2008

Morning Tea at a Kiwi office

They often have morning teas here when a staff member is leaving (I think more people should leave so we can get free food more often). The combination of foodstuffs on offer, however, is always very strange. Keep in mind these events (which consist of more than just tea by the way) happen at about 10am. Today we had meat pies, bacon & egg pies, muffins, brownies, sausage rolls, ginger squares and apple pie square thingies. Odd for a nation that reals back in horror when it is suggested to mix sweet and savory together:/


Clare said...

We have shared morning teas at least once a week. Everybody brings in lots of yummy homemade things. I must say spinich dip and chips at 10.30 is a bit strange. It is nice thought that people will bake a cake or some cookies because it is your birthday or someone is leaving.

Suzer said...

Nice. Here at our office if it is your bday you have to bring in your own cake to share with everybody else!!