Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Social Security...what a joy!

Ok, so back when I did my name change I got, among many many other things, a new Social Security card. In order to do this, I had to visit my local US Consulate with verifiable documents in hand, which meant I first had to get my new passport (also done by the Consulate) to show some ID with my new name. They then sent in my documents, and a few months later, my brand new SS card came in the mail (to my mom in the US, as I requested for security reasons)...with my middle name spelled wrong. She then had to call our local SS office, who advised they would send out a form for her to fill out (which I now know is easily downloadable from the internet...as it is the same form I initially filled out for the new card with name change!). When she received the form, it also said I needed to send documentation of the name, which of course they had in the first place. Upon trying to call the local office, the line was busy...for weeks, so when she called the SS 800 number they said "Oh yes, we get many complaints about that office. Best to go in person or have your daughter go to her local Consulate." Yeah, like going in person would be any better...she would have been there all day I bet and they wouldn't have known anything. Took me almost a week, 2 phone calls and 2 emails to get a response from the Consulate here. They're crap at responding to phone and email enquiries, but very helpful when you finally reach them. Hmmm, the best of Kiwi and American customer service combined? Anyhoo, the Consulate said they had to forward my request to the regional office, in.....wait for it....the Phillipines! So I have been 3 way emailing back and forth for about a half an hour between myself, Auckland and the Phillipines, the last of which still has my paperwork on file. They're sending me a new card. Um, thanks Mom by the way.

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Muddiah said...

To quote your Aunt Lydia..."Jesus Christ"!!