Wednesday, 9 January 2008

An update on the visa

Since everyone is always asking (now we'll see who actually reads the blog), I just spoke with our case officer. My call was unsolicited, and although she was very professional and efficient, I got the impression I shouldn't call too often to check on progress. That being said, from checking others' timelines, I know she's typically quick (the amount of time we've been waiting is the amount of time many people have their visas approved in). Seems we submitted at a rather busy time. They are backlogged, partially due to the Christmas holiday (which means about a month off work for many people here) and she is only up to applications submitted at the beginning of October, so hasn't even looked at ours yet:( Once I get my request for medicals, things could progress rather quickly, if she doesn't need any additional information (fingers crossed!).


elsja said...

Good luck! I feel your pain and frustration and I only hope things move ahead quickly for you!!

Suzer said...

Thanks chica!