Thursday, 16 October 2008

I Finally Have Some Wheels!

Well, I have been a true pedestrian for well over 3 years now. Buying a car in Australia has been on my mind, but until recently, I was holding off as there are plenty of other things to spend money on and the gas/petrol here is outrageous. That being said, not being able to get out and about without begging my husband to take me became far too much to endure! We've been looking for a couple of weeks and yesterday finally bought something...a '93 Toyota Camry wagon (only the best car in the world!).

Update: The car is home. She has some cosmetic defects and you can tell the last owner or two didn't take very good care of her interior, but she runs fine. Sorted out registration today ($730!!!) and am working on insurance, while the hubs is finding me new(ish) tires. Coversation between the two of us last night below regarding getting the car insured (keep in mind for the last 6+ months the hubs has not allowed me to drive his car because it is not insured, and told me that if I wanted to drive it, I had to insure it). While I love that he found me a good, reasonably priced vehicle, I must poke a bit of fun at him.

Hubs: "Well you'll have to add me to the insurance."

Me: "Yeah right! And why would I do that?" (Hubs is a bit of a petrol head and I would so not let him put that stress on my new baby.)

Hubs: "It will help my insurance rating." (Hubs was about one speeding ticket away from losing his license when we got back in Oz...4 in one year will do it.)

Me: *ROTFLMAO* "Dream on!"

The things men try to get away with!


Muddiah said...

"Only the best car in the world!" Guess you really enjoyed your 'first' car :-). Happy for you!!! (Next time around, I won't have to be afraid of being 'scared shitless'!!)

Muddiah said...

Picture...picture...where's the picture?? Or, is it that bad looking? :-))

Muddiah said...

Very Nice!! Looks great from the outside!

Suzer said...

That's the good side---a bit of a scratch on the other side;)