Monday, 6 October 2008

Mom's Visit

Mom's been here 2 weeks now and we've taken her around to see quite a few things. Here are some pics. So far we've made it to The Big Rocking Horse & Wildlife Reserve, another reserve I completely forget the name of at which you can hold a koala, Hahndorf (no pics) for beers, scenery & sausages, Melba's Choc Factory, The Old Adelaide Gaol (can you believe it was open until 1988 with those conditions!), St. Peter's Cathedral, and much more. The hubs took a day off work and took the mom to Waterfall Gully, Sky Lookout and Penfold's (killed me to work that day) and we're off to the Barossa with the in-laws as well. Gotta love being a tourist in your own city...outtie to the zoo now...


steveg said...

Nice Pics Susan (Hi Mum!)

That fella laid on the bed (Hammock?)in the gaol has lost a lot of weight hasn't he? :-)

Is that some sort of anti scratch bib your mum is wearing for when cuddling a Koala? I think I have heard somewhere that they have sharp claws and would inadvertently scrach people if held.

More pics when you have time please


Suzer said...

Anti-scratch bib---nope, just her shirt on:) They go have sharp claws but perhaps these one are filed down, not sure. The koala had a spring of leaves in its hand at all times and was more concerned with munching on that than the fact that it was being passed back and forth between people. It paid no attention whatsoever to mom.