Wednesday, 15 October 2008

There's a Man Smoking on my Roof

We have two giant gum trees in our backyard and we're having them trimmed back this morning. The tree trimming fellas have just arrived and one of them climbed up on the roof with a chain saw on a pole. I looked up and there he is, smoking on my roof. The cheek of some people! Steve isn't fussed but I am. That reminds me, I forgot to take before pictures:/ Now there's just the least we'll have fuel for our new heater next winter.


Muddiah said...

Who..Hoo...the trees have been trimmed!! How'd it go?

Suzer said...

Yeah it went well enough. Got a decent amount on the side trimmed too and they still only charged us $70 (probably because they hit a bit of the gutters and bent them, although they did fix it, but it is somewhat dented). Took them almost an hour and a half.