Saturday, 15 October 2005

Friday Night

Can’t believe I’m doing homework at midnight on a Friday:( Well, I can’t really complain, as I did just get back from the cinema and am actually enjoying the homework. Went to see an excellent movie called Kinky Boots, about a shoe factory in Northhampton on the decline until the owner finds his new customer niche, drag queens. It’s actually a true story, too. Probably won’t be out in the states anytime soon, but I highly recommend it if it does come around.
I’m pretty sure Nancy is going to be moving out next week. She and Paulette have been arguing the past few days over some translation work Nancy was to have done. Seems there was a miscommunication between them and it wasn’t done properly, so there will be no payment. I can see both sides, but it’s a sticky situation and has put both of them in a bad spot. Paulette has her own business, and the work was for a client of hers. Nancy had some friends helping her with the work, and now they won’t be paid and are mad at Nancy. I don’t think it’s a smart idea to work for people you live with;)

Am thinking of going to the Republic of Ireland for a week at Christmas. I’d like to do something for the holidays, and I won’t have the time to come home, what with my schoolwork, plus…um, yeah, I need to do research for my dissertation. Just kidding…my dissertation will definitely be on Northern Ireland, although seeing more of the South would be good for comparison as to what the North is like know and what it could become if tourism continues to grow there. I might like to work on some aspect of sustainable tourism on the North Antrim coast for the dissertation…maybe social impact assessment, although the tutor who teaches in this area says there’s no money in that and we’re all better off doing something related to marketing, hr or…I don’t remember, something else that sounded boring. Then again, tourism is all about making money, so that makes more sense; I just can’t see spending all of three months working on something that doesn’t appeal to me.

I think I’m finally getting the hang of the laundry. Did two loads this week, two days apart, hung the clothes on the radiator in the bedroom, hallway, over the footboard of the bed, and on the clothes basket, and as things dried, moved what wasn’t on the radiators onto them. Things dried overnight, so that’s at least better.

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