Monday, 10 October 2005

Might be time to move

My landlady’s behavior is getting a bit more rash and Jeckyl vs. Hyde-like. (Did I spell those right?) I’m doing a little research on other options and will probably make a decision next week. The last straw was yesterday at 11p.m., when Paulette had gotten home and noticed that the tap in the bathroom/tub was left running. She proceeded to bang (hard) on my door while yelling “Um, excuse me!!! Did you take a bath tonight?” I never take baths at night, Nancy does, which she knows. I didn’t even go to the door—just said no. Then she went and pounded on Nancy’s door, got her out of bed, and proceeded to yell at her, things such as: “This is bull___!!! Do you know how much water costs?! I’m so angry!! This is something a 5-year old would do. It’s completely unacceptable!!!” and on and on. I finally went out just so Nancy wouldn’t have to bear the burden of the yelling alone, and I was really angry that anyone should be spoken to like that. Paulette ranted on a bit more, at both of us, saying how generous she tries to be, etc. Nancy just had her head down with tears in her eyes (keep in mind she’s 38 and being spoken to like a child). I’ve just really had it. The rent is a fabulous deal which I won’t get anywhere else, but I don’t do crazy. On top of that, dinner has gotten later and later (sometimes not til 9pm or later) and of poorer quality and Paulette just doesn’t make us feel welcome in her home (not to mention she’s the loudest British person I know!), so I’m outtie in as short a time as possible, hopefully no more than 3 weeks. Feeling a bit frustrated today….

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Suzer said...

Definitely dont do crazy. Thats outrageous. To bad you arent studying psychiatry; you might have a good thesis subject. dont let me have to come over there

Commented by kivadiva on October 10, 2005 at 8:10 pm

Yup, we had a chat about it the other night, but the thing is, she just doesn’t listen. So, I have my options open and am checking them out…in the meantime, I’m staying for now.

As a good friend said:
“I often say ‘Hang in there Susan,’ However the follow up is just as important “Don’t hang too long - it becomes ‘breath taking’.”

Commented by Suzer on October 12, 2005 at 1:03 pm