Sunday, 22 January 2006

Done, done, done!!!

Finished my marketing report at about 1am last night. Thank god that is over; it was like pulling teeth. So, first semester is officially over for me now, with classes to begin again on Monday. I am determined to take advantage of some of the budget airline fares and do a bit more travelling this semester. At no other point in my life will I be so close to so many places. Top on my list are Prague and Brussels, followed by Paris and Northern Ireland. I’d like to do even more than that, but don’t know that I will have the time or money. If I can find some good fares, I’m going to start leaving out of here Friday and coming back Mondays at least once a month. Am going to London in two weeks for the weekend—seems strange to be going to visit someone in London, as opposed to the norm of going on a holiday/doing touristy stuff. Not that I’m complaining by any means;) Slept most of the day away due to a cold and am off to York tomorrow with classmates. We’ve been talking about going since the beginning of last semester. Looking forward to a pub lunch and a beer, perhaps, then a wander around.

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