Tuesday, 3 January 2006

Instead of New Year's resolutions

I’ve never been one to get into New Year’s resolutions…how much easier is it going to be to accomplish a goal at New Year’s that at any other time of year, I say;) So, in regards to that (and to cheer me up as I’m back to the books today and in full realization of the holiday being over!), thought it might be better to take a look back at the past year and list accomplishments. I know I’ve certainly had some that I’m proud of, and although I might feel a bit vulnerable sharing, I’d like to hear my friends’ and family’s as well. Here goes:

- recovered from a break-up, which made me work through and get to the other side of some personal issues, making me a stronger person, and brought me to a point where i have more to offer in the future, to myself and others.

- made a positive life decision to go back to university for my MA, in England, satisfying my need to live abroad at least once in my life, and increasing my confidence through the challenges that brings about…oh, and hopefully providing me the qualifications necessary for a career ripe with opportunity for growth and movement.

- have had to participate in some aspects of group work while on the course, if even just in regards to sharing ideas and workin with others on what the meaning of our assignments are;) i’ve never been a ‘group’ person, usually prefering one-to-one interaction, especially on a friendship level, so this has been a new and enjoyable experience.

- volunteered to be course rep for my program, which is probably one of the first times i’ve taken a volunteer position, as well as put myself in a place where i would have to speak in front of large groups of people.

- met some really impressive people on my christmas holiday to ireland, and have fingers crossed i’ll be able to get to know them better;)


“Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.” -Kierkegaard

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Suzer said...

well, you have accomplished quite a bit over the past year. i’m proud of you too.

Commented by boosie on January 4, 2006 at 12:47 am

thanks:) and congratulations on your engagement!!!!!

Commented by Suzer on January 6, 2006 at 12:57 am