Friday, 27 January 2006

Second semester at big school

Well, I’ve got 7 new assignments to work on, three due week 6 and 7, and the rest due mid-May, then it is straight into the dissertation. This is what I’ve got ahead of me.

International Strategic Human Resource Management
Assignment 1:
In contrast to other major airlines, Southwest Airlines uses the soft HRM approach to managing employees based on “shared goals, and … mutual respect”. How can differences in the HR approaches of these airlines be explained?

Assignment 2:
Critically discuss the key factors to successful implementation, from the perspectives of both employers and employees, of one of the following in the tourism industry:
•Emotional labour
•Flexible labour
•Organisational culture

Strategic Management
Assignment 1:
Present an analysis of the current corporate strategy adopted by the given case organization as directed by the tutor (actually, class is deciding together on an organization and so far, we have narrowed it down to a tourist board or other travel destination company). 15 minute formal presentation supported by a 1,000 word summary report.

Assignment 2:
Develop a strategic plan for a chosen organization, to be presented in a formal report no longer than 4,000 words. The plan is to recommend future directions for the company and the methods by which these are to be achieved.

Research Methods:
Haven’t gotten the scheme of work yet, but I know we have to write a 1,000 word proposal for our dissertation by the 6th week and have 4,000 words of the dissertation done by May 15th.

Using a location of your choice, design a destination development (such as an eco-lodge or national park which fulfills the aims and principles of ecotourism. (More details, but they’d prob bore you and/or I don’t feel like typing any more.)


Suzer said...

And on that note, does anyone have opinions of Southwest Airlines? They are being likened to the best thing since sliced bread in this module and book/book review we have to read in order to complete the assignment. Quite honestly, I think it sounds like a lot of theoretical blahdy blah, besides which I have flown them before and was not impressed. They are one of the least comfortable and customer friendly airlines I've experienced to date.

Suzer said...

Hey Suzer,
I just wanted to say hello and let you know I’ve been reading your blogs. They are both great. Do you want them both
listed on the blog list?
I’ll read and write more when I’m feeling better (the flu is kicking my butt right now!). I’m just wondering around aimlessly and can’t seem to concentrate on any one thing for over 5 minutes!
BTW, Thanks for all the support and feed back. You’ve been great!
Erren (