Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Last assignments, racism and dating

I am working on my last assignment for first semester…Marketing. It’s honestly the least enjoyable, as I have to analyze theories and determine the benefits and limitations to my company, the Northern Ireland Tourist Board. I’m at 1,000 of 5,000 words and really hoping to finish by this weekend, although it is not due until the 30th. Classes start again on the 23rd, with all new material to delve into.

I have to say, I’m really finding myself quite disappointed in some people’s reaction to Mayor Ray Nagin’s comments on the rebuilding of New Orleans and efforts to maintain a black population. I don’t see why people are so quick to label him a racist. If you look at his record, he’s done many good things for New Oreans, which benefit all of the people there, and his comments, to me anyway, simply acknowledged that in light of the fact that so many minorities were displaced, it is important to make sure New Orleans maintains its strong cultural traditions and that black residents are able to come home, despite being the hardest hit by the hurricane.

So, no one asked about my date…man! Well, ya’ll did via email, so I’m just joking. Had a great weekend. The ice skating was fun, finally checked out the ruined monastery I can see from my window, and had some good chill out time at the pub. Types of things I should/would like to be doing every weekend. And, I’m afraid I will now be breaking my resolution not to visit London while here;)

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Suzer said...

As far as New Orleans being rebuilt, I’m not sure how I really feel about that. If they do rebuild it, I hope they spend the money they need to have those levees up to a level 5 category so as not to have a repeat in the future.
Mayor Nagin doesn’t always think before he speaks. I’ve read what the news has to offer about his remarks, both recent and past, and find that he’s trying to backpeddle about the most recent concerning New Orleans returning to being a chocolate city. When he said it originally, he definitely meant that it return to being a city the majority of which is black. Then he apologized, and talked about how chocolate is made with dark chocolate and milk, which isn’t even correct as far as I know. (Guess it depends on the type of chocolate.) Anyway, there’s no reason that he shouldn’t want the city to return to it’s prior make-up, but I don’t think it will be exactly as it was. First of all people have scattered far and wide, and many don’t want to return. They went through an extremely traumatic experience and don’t ever want to again. With the rebuilding, it looks as though there are a lot of hispanic workers being employed, and some will stay I’m sure. There will be changes. Perhaps those changes will build on the wonderful elements of this city and work to improve it.

Commented by muddiah on January 18, 2006 at 3:37 pm

I saw that comment about how chocolate is made with chocolate and milk. Couldnt he have come up with something better than that? I would have respected him more if he just stood by it. I dont know of anyone who uses the term “chocolate city” and doesnt mean a predominantly black population. I think he meant it in the context that the city isnt going to be come a playground and/or residing place for the green of pocket and light of skin, but was a simple comment for a politician to make, though. What if Keith Hightower had stated his intention to keep Shreveport vanilla?

Commented by kivadiva on January 19, 2006 at 1:20 am