Monday, 27 March 2006

Another story

My second trip to Ireland, I sat next to a woman from Missouri and her husband of 40 years. She was hysterical and very friendly with an accent slightly similar to my grandma's; we chatted for about half the flight. The woman in the aisle seat across from me kept getting up to rifle through her belongings in the overhead compartment and at one point, the Missouri woman laughed and whispered, eyeing the other woman..."Hungry butt." I was like, what the hell. She laughed and pointed to the fact that the woman's underwear were...well, you her butt was 'eating' her underwear. It was so funny. Then she told me how great her husband's butt still was after 40 years of marriage. He overheard and just looked at me kind of rolling his eyes but laughing. Anyway, I got to hear all about how great her husband was, what a wonderful 40 years they had had, child free, working together and living next to her mother-in-law, who she was crazy about! So I asked...what makes it all work...for that amount of time, with no kids, the focus beind solely on each other, etc. She stopped talking, looked thoughtfully pensive, then with tears in her eyes, said simply..."thoughtfulness and consideration". Some encounters, you simply don't forget.


Windsong1018 said...

That is absolutely lovely!


Suzer said...

glad you enjoyed it:) I think it's always wonderful to see people who have been married for years still affection with, appreciative of, turned on by each other etc.