Tuesday, 14 March 2006

Boycott the Salvation Army, not Target

There has been a lot of talk over the past few years about Target not allowing the Salvation Army to collect outside of their stores. I've always been in full support if this as 1) I don't like to be solicited by charities and 2) After working for a non-profit organization and seeing how much of donations are wasted and/or spent unwisely, in the future, I will only give time, and not money. It turns out, however, that part of the reason Target will not allow the Salvation Army to solicit on their property is that the SA is an anti-gay organization in that they won't allow any sexually active gays & lesbians to work for them. Go Target!

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Muddiah said...

Nothing I've read gives this as the reason that Target banned the bell-ringers of the Salvation Army.
The reason I've read is that if they allow The Salvation Army to solicit in front of their stores, then they have to allow anyone else to as well. Don't know about the waste factor in this organization, but experienced their benefits first hand growing up. The Salvation Army along with numerous charitable organizations provide assistance to people in desperate situations all over the world. I may not agree with each organizations beliefs, but I do support their help to people in need and give to them in place of going to help out in person.