Saturday, 18 March 2006

Things I can't find in England

Cheerios without sugar coating and non-thong undies. I'll never understand the female fascination with underwear made out of dental floss;) Seriously, I have to do some power shopping just to find panties that cover my boo-tay.


steveg said...

One one suggestion for you

Marks and Spencer

Every woman in Britain owns at least one pair of knickers from there

Other than that I can't help you - the lingerie department is not somewhere I would normally haunt :-)


Suzer said...

lol, well you should occasionally, shouldn't buy nice pressies for yr wife;)

thanks for the suggestion. i'm under the impression M&S is a bit pricey. may just keep my eye on vicky's at home and order online;)

steveg said...

Not as pricey as you might think - and they have an awesome returns policy i.e. if you return it (as long as you still have the reciept) then you will get you money back, no questions asked - obviously not with lingerie, but with say a sweater or a pair of trousers, this is a great policy.

Food section is to die for, trust me!


Suzer said...

isn't that a normal return policy...or are things different here?

StrawberryAnne said...

Tesco, believe it or not. They do granny-pants which cover everything, or smaller pants which, so far, stay put. And, they're dead cheap!

Suzer said...

well now, that's the thing. i still want them to be sexy...or at the very least, cute;)

Windsong1018 said...

Granny pants are fine with me. You can always have a few pairs of the 'sexy' variety, but for everyday use, I'll take comfortable every time!