Monday, 6 March 2006

What do you think?

Copied from a post on

"Nothing’s more dangerous than a girl under the age of twenty five. That’s not a misogynistic statement mind you. It’s just a fact. Ask any guy over thirty. For that matter, ask any girl."

Thoughts? Why is the age of 25 important? When did things change for you? Do you know what he means? Or is this the rambling of an old fill-in-the-blank?

Modified to add: I think this one much better, from the next post:

"Sometimes men and women get hung up on each other’s sharp edges.
But sometimes they get hung up on each other."


Br1ck said...

I assume by 'dangerous' he means uninterested in a 'stable' relationship? I think he used this generalization to paint a particular picture of the girl in question. From my (comparetively limited) experience, age has little to do with this, and I doubt even he believes it.

As to the site, I've never seen it before, and have now wasted over an hour on it... Unbelievable! Thanks :P hehehe

Suzer said...

It is a great site isn't it?

Yeah I wasn't 100% sure what he meant by dangerous. I would agree that age has little to do with this, yet at the same time, age does have something to do with what you can offer and how committed you can/want to be given life situation and circumstances. I think I've changed since 25 in regards to this, but I never would have considered myself dangerous, so yes, I think he is off there.

boosie101 said...

nah, i don't think that's what he means at all. i think by dangerous, he means tempting and therefore possessing a sort of power.

in this respect, i think i know what he means as i feel things changed for me at around 25. but this is only in retrospect. it's not like in my early 20s, i went around thinking i could rule the world. but now, in my early 30's i'm thinking... "damnit! i could've ruled the world 10 years ago!" LOL!

in any case, i think its a generalization and the ramblings of a dirty old man or future dirty old man. cuz if he really wants to see something 'more dangerous than a girl under the age of 25', he should get a load of me at 33. ;) ha ha!

Suzer said...

"cuz if he really wants to see something 'more dangerous than a girl under the age of 25', he should get a load of me at 33. ;) ha ha!"

man, i forgot how OLD you are;) just kidding! but seriously, i was thinking to ask you the other day, cuz i couldn't remember.

yeah, upon further thought, i don't think younger women have more power at all. my instinct and experience tells me that many older men date younger women (although this is not the case in the story mentioned) in order TO have the upper hand. and honestly, as women mature they gain wisdom, which may not give them more power, per se, but definitely more insight.

boosie101 said...

LOL! yeah, i'm such an old fart these days. both me & my doggie will need diapers pretty soon. depends, here i come!!! :)

i thought about that too, but i think we're dealing with different types of power. i think the danger or power that a younger woman might have over a man is a more passionate, yet superficial one. more of the "weak in the knees, i'll risk family, life, and liberty" kind. you know, the anna nicole smith kind. i think this is what the author meant in a light-hearted way (even though the couple is young - i think the comment is from his perspective, an older man).

and while i think your statement is also true, i'm curious as to what in your experience and instinct led you to believe it. and i wonder, in the same scenario, how often the younger woman is seeking that very role? that is, an older man to have the upper hand, maybe a father figure, if you will?

man! how is it that all our discussions end up on gender and power? LOL!

Suzer said...

sorry to not respond sooner, but i have had CRAP pms all week...been all moppy and junk. tis best not to speak too much when that is going on;)

i agree witcha....hmmm, that is twice in what, a month, wow;) on your, i'm done talking about past experience at the moment i think. it can go many ways, right, as all men are different.