Thursday, 2 February 2006


I read this over quite a few times. It is part of the description for an assignment for one of my modules this semester.

This needs to be a clear, concise, to the point document of a maximum of 1,000 words that should fill with confidence your research methods tutors that you have acquired the skills to plan and conduct primary research independently.

Also, it was reiterated to us again, strongly, not to plagiarise and to use proper referencing in our work. For fuck's sake, if these things need to be told to the students at the beginning of the second semester....


steveg said...

I agree that is is a little deameaning for this to be said to you, but apparently there is more and more of this going on (cut and paste from websites and presented as their own work) to the extent that most academic institutions now have specialist software to root out this practice - apparently it searches the internet for matches of word strings etc


Suzer said...

yes, the university does indeed have this software, although i think most tutors only make use of it if they suspect something is amiss. one of my complaints about the university, thought, which is the reason, i suspect for these problems with plagiarism etc, is that they accept people onto the courses who are not qualified/prepared, so those students can not or do not complete the work, and when they do, barely pass. it's a very unfortunate fact that profit is more important to this university (and perhaps others?) than education and a shame that programs are 'dumbed down' in this way, sometimes through no faultof the students.