Monday, 13 February 2006

Annoyances & benefits

I'm wondering---have they not heard of hold over here? I shouldn't say that, as I have been put on hold by the post office and such, but calling the GP is a whole other story. There is no hold, and you have to call back about a dozen times before you get through...line is always busy. Drives me nuts.

Small positive...called to make an appt. to have my fringe (bangs) trimmed and they said to just pop in, as that's free. Yippee:)

My computer is all healthy, thanks to Steveg, and my first essay is almost complete, so most of the annoyances of the past week are behind me. I love having my task list empty. Now I can look forward to the upcoming weekend trip to Amsterdam although at the risk of sounding cheesy, I'm more looking forward to the company than the location;) (which doesn't mean i'm not looking forward to the location, btw)


Muddiah said...

I guess that could be called "fringe benefits":).

BTW did you ever get through to the GP?

Suzer said...

As you know, yes. I still contend, at the risk of sounding arrogantly american, that some of the dr's here attend the kmart school of medicine. the american system certainly needs some serious overhaul, but i do think it is far advanced in terms of some things. at least no nurse at home has said to me: "just lay your left knee against the radiator. don't worry, it's not on."