Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Bitchy pills and taxes

My dear mum sent me some photos last week of my kitty and the snow back home. In the background of one of the photos, I could see the corner of a newspaper article peeking out, with "PMS?" in the title. I wondered when that would make its way to me;) Guess what I got along with my tax documents today. Just teasing mom! It is interesting. I had a glass of milk last night though, and I'm not sure it helped. Reminds me of the Everybody Loves Raymond episode where he brings Deborah some pills to assist her with her pms. Man, I tell ya...I would pay good money for some bitchy pills myself.

Now, the other little clipping..."Mom dead 21 years now buried, with son". Yikes...that brings new meaning to the term mama's boy don't it? Keeping a dead relative in a glass case in the living room...

So, it is tax time again. I have fingers crossed I'll be getting some money back this year. Now on to figure out how to do them correctly, what with my uni fees, etc. Ugh, I'm tired. How about rejuvenation pills as well? Maybe I should just be a man in my next life.


Muddiah said...

Once again, the U.S. mail does a great job on a timely delivery! How about that man and his dead mom!!

Suzer said...

creepy! glad to hear he divorced his wife ahead of that, even though his reasoning was whack.