Sunday, 12 February 2006

Teacher voice

Re-moaning about something. Have been kept up til at least 1am the past few nights by my noisy roommate and his friends, so I've been exhausted. Last night, 'wanker' and the new roommate were in the kitchen yackin it up at 3:30am, so I threw on my robe, shoved upon the kitchen door, yelled "Hey!" a couple of times before they actually heard me, and told them to keep it down. I got a muffled "yeah ok" as a response, but they were almost silent after that. It was Friday night, so I half expected a rebuff, but now that I know it works, I will not hesitate on any day of the week.


Muddiah said...

So happy you found something that workd. Now if you could just stop them before they start:)

Suzer said...

yeah, well erm, the latest incident did not go over well. went out about 3,30am the other night, basically told them to shut the f up, and got yelled at and threatened. wanker dared me to call security and said i would 'see what would happen' if i did. said he wanted to see what i could do and that he would be as noisy as he wanted, when he wanted, and that it was my problem tha i lived next to the move out if i had a problem with it and also called me a racist! i called security, filed an incident report, and spoke with the head resident officer yesterday, although i can tell i am going to have to push them to deal with the problem, as their first suggestion was for me to move. there's no way i am moving...i'm not the one creating the problem.