Thursday, 9 February 2006

Yippee...two packages in one day

I feel like a lucky gal. I love getting mail:) My bestest friend sent me a box of goodies from home...some licorice, gum, mints, chocolate, tea...and my soap which I can't get here! Gotta love the emergency chocolate..."For immediate relief of: chocolate cravings, lovesickness, exam pressure, mild anxiety and extreme hunger. Tear open wrapper, break off desired dosage, and consume. Alternatively massage into affected area." That won't last long;)


Erren said...

You are so lucky! I never get packages from home! Maybe I should start throwing hints (like a detailed list of what I want from back home!) Mallomars would be sooo wonderful!

Suzer said...

Well, I did email quite a few of my friends back home a while ago asking for a bar of soap from each of them. Been using Oil of Olay bar soap for years now and can't get it here. Thankfully, two sent 6 packs:)