Thursday, 16 February 2006

More verbiage

It's funny how you don't think too much on the literal meanings of commonly used phrases, when you understand the metaphor. Take 'Don't put all your eggs in one basket', for example. Our tutor was trying to explain this phrase to the non-native English speaking students by describing how eggs are fragile and if you put them all in one basket, then drop the basket, they will all break, whereas if you separate them into multiple baskets and drop one basket, you only lose a few. Never crossed my I just know what it means automatically.


Br1ck said...

Somewhat unrelated, but the word 'apologise' is the act of apologising, while 'apologies' is plural for 'apology' Correct?

I've seen 'apologies' used in place of 'apologise' on more than one occasion. I used the British spelling of apologize because this has only occured during correspondence with people in the UK.

Am I missing something here, or...? :D

Suzer said...

interesting, as far as your second point. and yes, for the first.